Afrika / Uganda / Kiboga District / Village Nagakazi / Starlight Elementary School and Orphanage




für 3 Sponsoren (2x aus der Schweiz, 1x aus Leipzig DE)


bauen wir ein Gruppenhaus für die Waisen einer Grund-Schule


und halten 3 junge akademische Bauleute in Arbeit (MGKB)


Baugenehmigung erteilt - Baustelle wird eingerichtet ...


Arch. Goebel arbeitet gratis seit Juli 2017 daran


Können Sie für ein konkretes Bauvorhaben etwas spenden bitte ...


Das Starlight Group House ist kurz vor der Fertigstellung ...



Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd
Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors
Group House Starlight_Village.pdf
PDF-Dokument [20.8 MB]





das preiswerte Gruppen-Haus hat in Afrikanischen Ländern grosses Interesse gefunden (14.000 views) und


Die Architekturleistung und Projektleitung wird seit Juli 2017 vor allem über Facebook geleistet






Richard und Jimmy und George sind jetzt eine Firma, die

drei Akademiker der Baubranche sind als MGKB building

contractor Ltd. im Kampala registriert, haben ein Bank-

konto bei der Centenary Bank in Wakiso, und bauen z. Z.

in Kiboga. - Affordable houses for the countryside. 


MGKB ist preislich der  Marktführer in Uganda :

- Group House / 10-14 personen / 18.000 USD

- Family House / 8-10 Personen / 25.000 USD

- Double House / 2x 10 Personen / 47.000 USD

MGKB baut ein sehr solides Haus ...


Es bestehen Baupläne, Kalkulationen, Material_Listen

Detailpläne und Angebote der Lieferfirmen Kampala

für Group House und Family House bereits alles da


Für Double House und Village bestehen erst Baupläne






Haupt Sponsor David P. Amrein fördert seit 17 Jahren einen jungen Mann der Gründer einer Schule wurde und heute

noch dort arbeitet - Ein segen für das ganze Dorf - David hat mit Emails in 17 Jahren quasi in Uganda mitgestaltet -

Zur Zeit baut er mit 2 befreundeten Sponsoren ein Group House für die 10 Waisen der Starlight Elementary School.


Wollen Sie auch mal in Uganda mitregieren und erkennbar gutes Tun - Spenden Sie ein Haus - 1 Jahr lang dabei sein.

Sie sehen alle Pläne, alle Fotos, sie sehen viel von Uganda - Sie regieren dann quasi Kraft des Geldes alle Termine ...

Wir sind Ausbildungs-Betrieb, Bauunternehmung, Spenden-Verwalter, Baufachberatung - Bauen Sie doch ein Dorf ...



MGKB building contractor Ltd. / PO Box 70 Kiboga, Uganda, East Africa / Civil Engineer, Physical Planner, Construction Manager

Goebel Architektur GmbH / Schnabelweg 15, 8832 Wilen bei Wollerau / Architekt, Dipl.-Ing., Charity-Unternehmer für SIE







>>> Business-Plan for Family Houses Village 40 km north from Kampala




Dear George Botyo - MGKB Co-Owner,
Business Plan for Family House Village :
70.000 sqm Land x 4 USD = 300.000 USD
22 Family Houses and shower and toilet and 
8 business Building-Units = 840.000 USD
Total Village Invest app. 1.140.000 USD
22 houses for 132 People = 6 People / House
1.140.000 USD : 132 People = 8.636 USD / Person
8.636 USD : 50 USD / Month = 172 month
172 month = 14 years pay back
After 15 years the project makes black numbers
for another eternity - and Village will develop ...
I forgot maintenance costs, but i also did not
calculate rent from the 8 businesses on site 
Village Plan works out - forever ...
Even a clever bank has to see that ...
They will love the project - with land as security
Tell them i will come to Uganda to build this
village with you - And i source some human aid money.
after we have an agreement with Centenary Bank.
Best regards from
Volker Goebel
Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
MGKB Co-Owner

















Actually the MGKB building contractor Ltd. team


is building a Group House in Kiboga District now 







A month ago MGKB took too much money from the 

sponsors bank money sending to Starlight School -

because opening a bank account was more expensive

then calculated - now MGKB pays the 1 Mio. UGS back

(1 Mio. Uganda Shillings is = 275 USD in Dez. 2017)


that leads to a very nice christmas for the kids ...





MGKB building contractors Ltd. Uganda - we got bank account and cheque book to pay materials and wages








Main Sponsors Group House : David P. Amrein, Schubert Verlag Leipzig, Marcel A., Volker Goebel


Good Sponsors : Kathryn Acoff, Susanne Mertens, Stephanie Knuuttila, Theres Iwanchuk-Germann,

Ray Abbot, Susan Razavi, Philip Seeberg, Abdirahman Dirie, Nirvikalpini Nithya, ...



we still need around 3.000 USD to finish the other half of the roof construction - PLEASE Donate




Quality problem in Uganda building by MGKB


do not use local earth under foundation plate

it needs gravel 5 mm for that the water from

the ground does not make the bottom side of

the foundation plate wet !


always follow the technical drawings strictly !











on Friday 22.12.2017 


>>> MGKB unveiled the first casted foundation plate for GROUP HOUSE

building site : Starlight Orphans / Naganagazi, Kiboga, Uganda -

still some improvements to be done ...







Dear honorable Kiboga Vice Manager Josephat,


thanks for your message. - As you spend all the time on

making friends and getting information from each other :


we present you the completed Rent/Buy contract 


That is our business proposal as MGKB to Centenary


3 % interest rate and 5 % inflation rate (yearly check)


With this business proposal we can all go further ...


Best regards from


volker goebel and jimmy kasole, 

richard mugasho, george botyo









Good day Mr Goebel.

We have received your proposal for which we are very grateful.

As earlier noted in our correspondences we will forward the proposal to the relevant Office and will give feedback.

I must say this looks really nice.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you and may you have a nice week end.

This message has been classified as CONFIDENTIAL - EXTERNAL by Ntegeka Josephat on Friday, December 22, 2017 @ 9:10:37 PM









Happy Christmas - Centenary gives hope to the country 


Make sure that you deserve this trust ...


Become a builder at MGKB building contractors Ltd.









30 Dezember 2017 - Die Bodenplatte ist fertig






All payments have been checked by architect volker goebel


the MGKB Team used the money for building - it needs more


original receipts from now on - but they used the money very


much close attached to the purpose - and they had wages ...


We thank George, Richard and Jimmy to be so wise and careful






the main Sponsor and Organizer of Group House Starlight Kiboga - David P. Amrein - THANK YOU - and George Botyo graduated from Makerere University



>>> 2 offers for wood and metal that has to be worked "into the walls" of Group House Kiboga



Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_Quality_Brick_Work_by_MGKB_building_contractors_Ltd
Quality_Brick_wall_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors_Ltd_Kiboga_Group_House_Starlight Quality_Brick_wall_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors_Ltd_Kiboga_Group_House_Starlight
Building_Material_MGKB_Qualtiy_Bricks_Water_Tank_Group_House Building_Material_MGKB_Qualtiy_Bricks_Water_Tank_Group_House
Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors Brick_Wall_Group_House_Starlight_Kiboga_by_MGKB_Building_Contractors

>>> the 3 MGKB builders are back on Group House Site in Kiboga - finishing brickwork, wood work and water tank - looks half way good





>>> Roof works began on Group House Site in Kiboga / Uganda
Materials are on site - George, Richard and soon Jimmy at work ...
>>> MGKB builders


April 2018













>>> work on the ROOF for Group House in Kiboga continues - it looks like in the plans - but in fact quality is poor because Starlight boss James Lukjamuzi took 180 USD and 160 USD and 200.000 UGX that does not into the roof now - bad development ...



but finally the house is not dark inside due to a mix of sheet metal and PVC on the roof ...











>>> THE ROOF IS ON - Group House Kiboga was roofed in May 2018 with a metal/pvc roof that collects rainwater into a tank for the children of Starlight school and orphanage in Kiboga, Uganda / East Africa











>>> a beautiful evening in good old Brunnen / Schwyz with "Nachtessen" on the island called "Schwanau" - Group House Sponsors meeting ... building Group House Kiboga goes on soon ... Thanks to : David A., Frank S. Schubert Verlag , Marcel and Volker Goebel Architekt






>>> good work results by the MGKB building contractor Ltd team :
George Botyo, Richard Mugasho, Jimmy Kasole in Kiboga Uganda
Plaster works - 2 Doors - Sheet Metal Windows / GROUP HOUSE
















>>> PLASTER & Paint - on Group House Starlight Uganda - by MGKB Director Team -

well done by : George Botyo, Jimmy Kasole, Richard Mugasho and the MGKB interior

team - PLASTER & Paint - ask MGKB for your Family House too





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