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EU approached Rail-Logistic-Planner-Team Grain-Trains-Ukraine with a friendly letter


Here is the planning teams answer - we see it as possible - we ask for EU budget ...




READ IT - then you understand it - good luck
Plan How to do train transports to Ukra[...]
PDF-Dokument [882.8 KB]


















This plan is still valid - and the prices for grain are still on record high level








And we are still slow : Tax payers money - operated by economy companies


who pay government rail companies and harbour staff for their services ...



And all it needs is a satelite phone to go online with a bigger laptop to


pay every delivery, every transport fee, and to receive buyers money ?


Needs a start invest by EU countries - a company that needs constantly money


every month ? - or that operates with a black "0" every end of the month ...



Lets start rail transports to Ukraine - Container trains to rebuild Ukraine.


Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Volker Goebel /YES, Logistic-Planning is his real passion ...


And Vitalii Gorunenko wrote he will help - Grain-Train-Ukraine Plan is ripe.


For that the lights do no go out in Ukraine - for our friends in Europe.











Countries that have already joined the Ukrainian initiative
"Grain from Ukraine" :
▪️Belgium has announced a contribution of €10 million for grain and transports.
▪️France will allocate 6 million euros in addition to the 14 million previously allocated to the UN World Food Programme.
▪️Austria will provide an additional €3.8 million to supply grain from Ukraine to Sudan and Ethiopia.
▪️Poland will allocate 20 million euros.
▪️The Netherlands announced the allocation of 4 million euros.
▪️Hungary will allocate $3.5 million.
▪️Canada will allocate 30 million Canadian dollars.
▪️Japan will provide assistance in the amount of $14 million.
▪️Germany will contribute 15 million euros.
Well - you shall all get your grain, to feed your people and
to reduce market price of grain for many other countries ...
Ing. Goebel added up that you invest 106,3 Mio. EUR for grain supplies.
The grain grows with sun and water from heaven send - What you pay
is the farmers work, machines and sweat - and the transport costs for
that the grain reaches your tables. - So 106,3 Mio. EUR are in for grain.
(Got the numbers from a Facebook page - Are the numbers correct so ?)
Lets think about transports to the indicated EU harbours
There is many railway network included - they all want
to pull waggons. Hello PKP Cargo Poland, hello DB Cargo,
hello Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia Lane - we need you !
hello Danzig Lane to harbour - you already carry grain !!
hello Poland, harbours Hamburg, Rotterdam Lane - YES !
hello Moldavia, Romania - you are the first lane - YES !!!
We let you know what lane operates what amounts. - For
urgent supplies - send a ship to Constanta / Romania - that
lane works already. - We let you know - we are working live ...
We expect funding by a supra-national organisation called EU !
Or do you send your grain money to Ing. Goebel bank account ?
27.11.2022 - after first round of Nations-Grain-Buyer-Table
that train-transport-job includes a hell of a lot of book-keeping work
and this is the man willing and able to do connect UA to Europe :






Ingenieurbüro Goebel / Architect-Engineering Office



Herr Volker Goebel / Mr. Volker Goebel / Architect CH


Diplom-Ingenieur Arch. / Diploma-Engineer in Architecture


Industrie-Meister Metall / Master of Metal Industry




Endlager-Planung / Geological Disposal Facility Planning


Bahn-Logistik / Rail Logistic Planning


Gebäude / Architectural-Building-Plans




Schlehenweg 4

58095 Hagen



Tel 0178 40 49 665 DE







Freiberufler nach § 18 EStG.


Steuer ID Nr. 83 721 895 409 

Steuernummer 321 / 2185 / 0287


zuständig : Finanzamt Hagen

Veranlagungs-Bezirk 031





Bankverbindung – Züricher Kantonalbank

IBAN     CH16 0070 0110 0038 6441 5



Bankverbindung - Maerkische Bank eG HA DE

IBAN     DE60 4506 0009 0036 8534 00






Wir zeigen Einnahmen und Ausgaben / We show money coming in and going out 


wenn es öffentliches Geld ist ... / if it is public money - in this case it is ...















Technical data of 1x Grain-Train-Ukraine - Standard-Train is :



- 33 Waggons all in all


- 2.475 tons grain net


- plus Sunflower-Oil Waggon (half lenth)

- plus Diesel Waggon (half lenght)

- plus Staff, Office Waggon

- plus platform waggon for Kongskilde Grain-Blower-Set (half length)


- plus platform waggon for concrete-sleepers (new) (half length)


negotiated maximal train length 620 Meter


including the 6.000 kW E-Lokomotive


travel speed 120 km/h guaranteed




it needs 10 train arrivals / day to carry 3 Mio. tons grain net / month


therefore it needs 40 trains running all year around to achieve that


2 days tour to EU harbour - 2 days tour back to Ukraine (incl. sleeping)











Ukraine has the choice concerning the new concrete sleepers


but basically we start to deliver the solid and actual German


concrete sleepers - Hello UA Serhii Leschenko please confirm.



We have to change phone numbers anyway ...



Check catalogue .pdf - and we also deliver the measurement


of the actual concrete-sleepers shown in the photo. What you


see is an EU idea - i have to check delivery times / quantities











never forget to do what the boss wants - EU Commissioner

for Rail Transport Ms. Ioana Valean is watching me and you.

















Dear Gitte, dear Ian at Kongskilde - thank you for being with us in 2nd approach after EU invitation








and yes - it is still about BULK CONTAINERS - Grain, Coal, Building materials - 20, 30, 40 ft.



















We have a very competitive standing offer from Poland Railway PKP Cargo :


that is very moderate prices - Poland showing good friendship with Ukraine.










Ing.Goebel wants to sign that frame-concract for rail freight with PKP Cargo Poland


when EU puts real money for real transports in ...



Thanks to everybody who participated so far.



Volker Goebel





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