SMR = Small Modular Reactor




the nuclear energy sector wants to make a more significant contribution to a CO2 reduction by country


there is plans to build a small modular reactor that burns spent Candu Fuel with fast fissions further in


a deep in rocksalt located environment called DBHD 2.4.1 Canada - or a similar deep rocksalt geology




download and zoom it in whatever you use : Browsers can zoom, Paint can zoom, Photoshop can zoom, other pixel related programs can zoom ...
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this is a first scetch/plan concept for a research reactor


based in a deep rocksalt environment like DBHD that


can do no harm - even an explosion is not a problem




Todays nuclear new build is a challenge


It has to start with maximum SAFETY


otherwise no building permit ...




The nuclear industry has to give a DBHD


as a real nuclear waste storage


therefore they get one SMR on top



DBHD is long


a 30 m long SMR


is nothing in a


2.850 m deep


DBHD shaft


the SMR stands on top of the waste


we give them a real try - even three


but DBHD is still with gas-tight closure


by mountain pressure in warm rocksalt



Well - that is the story ...


for the next 30 years




that is a few intelligent guesses


by the Architekt V. Goebel



































































































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